Ecoroute API:
The automated workflow solution

Does your business have the need to automate your entire delivery route workflow? The answer is Ecoroute API - an Application Programming Interface that integrates with your order system.

Ecoroute API eliminates manual steps and streamlines your workflow to handle large volumes of orders and multi-vehicle delivery routes.

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Ecoroute API is the automated version of our route optimization software that is customized and integrated with your order workflow system. Ecoroute calculates optimal route(s) based on inputs of delivery addresses and vehicles.

Ecoroute API is a REST-based system where requests describing addresses and vehicles are sent to the Ecoroute route optimizer, and responses are returned describing the optimal route. Requests and responses from Ecoroute API are in JSON format.

Ecoroute API uses the REST API Model
Ecoroute API dOcumentation

For each address specific requirements (such as lift is needed) can be described as capacities. Up to five different capacity requirements can be described on each address. Requirement for time frame can also be defined.

On each vehicle up to five different capacities can be defined (such as the vehicle has a lift). Also, timeframe for availability of the vehicle can be defined.

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